J Kevin Durkin

Working with the likes of legendary bass player  Chris Amberger, who creates the most subtle and solid bottom end in the land.  Chris has been THE catalyst and friend who has encouraged my journey performing jazz in the North Bay.  Randy Vincent brings his sensitive intellect and feel on guitar.  Featured on the above tracks, my friend Grant Levin blows your mind with his gifted touch on the piano.  Akira Tana lays down the drums in a most sensitive and wonderful delivery, almost being able to hear his ever joyous smile and feel.  And not to forget, Chris Pimentel who on guitar is also seen locally laying down the groove and offering yet another feel to the jKev performance and interpretations.

  • Girl Talk5:15

jKev has been blessed to work with top local  jazz musicians and has been sharing his vocal elegance in the North Bay.  He can be found in Sausalito at Osteria Divino and the Panama Hotel in San Rafael and on occasion hanging around at Pongo's Tap Room, in Petaluma, CA.  He has played Yoshis SF, Club Deluxe, The Panama Hotel, Pier 23, Grazianos, Laganitas, among other venues

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