Inspired by earlier days of NorCal Soul to West Coast Jazz, John Kevin Durkin was born and raised in San Francisco.  jKev was raised by parents who loved music.  The mesmerizing vocals of Nate King Cole, Mel Torme and Chet Baker were just some of the music his parents adored.  At a young age, jKev was deeply moved by several iconic artists of the 70's.  Some of his favorite inspirations originated with Kenny Rankin, Boz Scaggs and Steveland Morris.  jKev has performed and recorded with some of the best jazz artists in the SF bay area, including Art Mapa (of Turning Point Studios), Chris Amberger, Randy Vincent, Lorca Hart, Akira Tana, Chris Pimentel, Jeff Massanari, Brad Buethe, and many others.

Dr Judi Nightingale, DrPh,  (self pronounced music aficionado, RN, and author) says " jKev's voice is liquid velvet, like a glass of wonderful smooth wine.  His voice has the same effect as meditation and yoga.  Heart rate and breathing slows and one finds themselves at peace with the world again after hearing Kev".  Also endorsed by author (Birds of Fire, Jazz, Rock, Funk and the Creation of Fusion) and professor Kevin Fellezs of Columbia University, who says, " Be sure to catch jkev performing locally.  He delivers an elegant, charming performance you are sure to enjoy.  Take a journey with his magnificent talent".

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